Keeping a bank of ideas

Do you ever find yourself facing a writing deadline with no ideas sitting in the forefront of your brain? I know I do!

One way to prompt the creative juices to start flowing to is have an ideas bank on hand to draw inspiration from. What is an ideas bank?

An ideas bank is my term for a list of article ideas you update periodically, even when there is no deadline looming. My list contains Bible verses or themes which have stood out to me during study or devotional reading, phrases from conversations with friends, links to other articles online, images, quotes from famous writers and thinkers, poetry and short stories.

When I am approaching a writing deadline without a specific leaning toward a topic or angle I review my ideas bank. Sometimes I pick an idea and run with it; other times I am inspired to find a different direction.

An ideas bank helps ground me in the creative space and sets the mood for my writing time. Coupled with prayer, I find my ideas bank is one of the most helpful tools in writing development.

Do you keep a bank of ideas handy?

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