How your personality can make you a better writer

A few weeks ago I posted some tips about overcoming writer’s block. Several people responded with comments about how their personality influenced their writing habits and behaviour–particularly in the realm of procrastination.

Understanding your personality can help make you a better writer.

For example, do you think better in the morning (that’s me!), or are you a night owl? There’s no use scheduling time to write at an hour of the day when you know you’re not at your best.

Do you need a tight deadline and delay your work until the day before because you find it inspires you? Or maybe you prefer to chip away at a task, slow and steady?

I used to work as a radio news journalist with hourly deadlines. This fast-paced work environment was very helpful in teaching me brevity, how to quickly think clearly, and how to keep my writing tight and focussed.

But ultimately I found the fast pace unsettling. I realised I enjoy time to mull things through more slowly. I like the meandering process of long-form writing and story telling. Sure, it often still requires quick-thinking; but I have more time than just an hour or 45 minutes to process an idea.

Habits around planning, prayer, reflection and preparation for writing are often driven by personal preferences.

Understanding your personality will help you to set up good habits and keep the habits which help you write regularly.

How does your personality influence the way you write? Which habits do you find helpful?

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