How I combat writer’s block

One of our writers sent me a question this week: how do I combat writer’s block?

The struggle is real! I’m guessing most, if not all, of us have experienced writer’s block at some stage. Here are a few things I find helpful:

  • Go for a walk. It might sound counterproductive, but light exercise will actually give you energy and stimulate the production of endorphins. A break and fresh air might just bring a renewed perspective.
  • Getting up early to write can also be helpful. I find the early morning incredibly peaceful. However, if you are a night owl you might find this same sense of peace and focus later in the evening.
  • My favourite tool is writing an outline. I sit down, type up or write down my idea. I keep it very simple, maybe only four points or lines. I write any phrases I have in my head, and any thoughts which relate to my idea. The key is to remember you don’t have to use any of it! I often find I get blocked when I imagine someone reading it; this anxiety stops me being truly vulnerable and creative.
  • Once I’ve got an outline I’ll often talk through the idea with my husband or a friend. I can often verbalise my core thesis or final point much easier than I can write it first time!
  • Then I come back to the outline then fill it in, trying to work on the progression of the idea; deleting material I no longer need and adding further points for clarity. Seeing the flow of my article helps me get a feel for where the piece is going.

What helps you with writer’s block?

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