The Sinclair Collection: What we’re about

We’ve had our blog up and running for just over a year. The Sinclair Collection aims to collect all the different parts of our online lives in one spot for our family, friends, supporters and anyone else to check out what we’re up to.

Who’s writing?

Most of the writing and updating is done by me: Sophia Sinclair. As our family’s resident writer and editor I’m the one who keeps the blog looking tidy and ready to go. DSC04224

Some of the articles are written by Andrew, my husband. Andrew is in the midst of his second year of Bible college here in Sydney (at Sydney Missionary and Bible College). We live on campus here in Croydon, and have been enjoying exploring different parts of NSW and Australia when we get the chance.

Whale watching near Kiama, NSW

You might also see some pics of a charmingly cute little boy, our 2-year-old son Guy.

What’s in store for 2016?

We’re back for another year at SMBC, and this year I’m undertaking the Blogging 101 course kindly hosted by WordPress. With daily challenges and tasks I’m aiming to write more often and make this blog more of a regular thing.

You’ll still see our articles, written for Christian Today Australia, but hopefully we’ll be posting more of our every day journey here in Sydney.

Keep in touch for more of family, life and faith from The Sinclair Collection.

  • Sophia Sinclair

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